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Why Travel with us?

Are you wondering why travel with us?

Skyline Treks & Expedition (P.) Ltd. is a leading Adventure Expeditions Company and has been organizing excellent treks, tours and adventure expeditions for the last 14 years in Nepal, Tibet, Bhutan and India.

We are fully Government authorized and Affiliated to the various Tourism Associations of Nepal. We invite you to join us and discover the Himalaya.Come and experience the gift that the Himalaya reserves for those who put forth the effort. Nepal is best known as the homeland of the highest point on earth, Mt. Everest. Birth Place of Lord Buddha, beautiful landscapes & panoramic scenery. We have a mission to introduce you to Nepal’s northern paradise by providing quality services. Skyline Treks & Expeditions leads the guests to the secrets of different places. That may be the cultural or the natural. We make sure that the local families and people also receive a share of the benefits reaped from the beauty of their land.

Group Size :

We specialise in small group travel whether it for climbing or trekking, short or longer treks, tours & safaris. This way we can be sure of providing the individual care and attention our clients deserve so that they can relax and enjoy the experience.


We have excellent relationships with the owners & management of hotels & lodges. Therefore, we can provide comfortable tourist class hotels in the cities and In the remote towns and villages, we have made good friends with the lodge and tea house operators. However, in cities like Kathmandu/Pokhara, we provide hotels ranging from 2 stars to 5 star according to your desire. When camping, you will have the best quality two and three man tents to ensure a good night rest.


Skyline Treks & Expedition (P) Ltd. always gives special attention to a variety of itineraries. We are happy to devise an itinerary specially for you, whether you want a simple trekking experience or you want a combination of a cultural tour and a trek. If you have a taste of adventure, we pay attention to your particular interest. Because we care, we also consider your physical condition, previous experience, age and so forth and ask you to provide a brief resume of your previous outdoor experience.

Our Guides:

Skyline Treks & Expedition provides you with Sherpa climbing and trekking guides who have a great depth of knowledge & experience in their respective fields. Among them most are local to where you are going to spend most of your time, so that they canl help you to understand the culture and customs to make your holiday that much more interesting and memorable. They understand what our clients are looking for & they provide just the right places to show you.

Cooks & Helpers:

The quality of our field staff is part of the reason for our success in adventure tourism. They play a vital role as cooks & they are well trained and experienced in their field providing you a variety of healthy and nutritious food to keep to fit and healthy during your trek. climb or tour. They pay strict attention to cleanliness and hygiene in order to take care of our client’s health. This all contributes to you taking home a sweet memory of your Skyline Treks & Expeditions experience.


Skyline Treks & Expedition is a member of various Mountaineering Associations in Nepal. Climbers who have been recorded in the World Garnish Book keeping the various records on the Highest Peak of the Planet many of whom are Skyline Expedition Sherpa guides and are Sumitters themselves. They have all been trained through the various mountaineering schools and reputable organizations within the country and internationally.


We have gained wide experience in the trekking field over many years. We have explored each and every region of Nepal, Tibet & Bhutan. The dedicated and effective service of our staff greatly contributes to this and you may well find yourself having a particularly happy time during your journey. Their experience and knowledge of the tour greatly contributes to the overall experience.

Environmental Concern:

Camping touring is more appropriate when visiting the more remote and fragile places on the earth and is more respectful of these unspoiled places. Also, it keeps you much closer to nature. Your sensitivity for the immediate surroundings should influence every one around you , and your little initiatives will help create more awareness in your porters and the local people and help to promote awareness of the fragility of the landscape.


Our equipment is the very best available, much of it imported from the U.S.A. and Europe. We are totally committed to providing the best quality possible. We have The North Face VE-25 tents for mountaineering, trekking, biking and safaris. We believe in “when it comes to outdoor activities quality counts”.

We are a government registered company and associated with the folLowing: