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Langtang Trekking Season

Langtang trekking season

What is the best Langtang Trekking season? When is the best time of the year to trek to the ‘Langtang region’?

The Langtang region is at its best during autumn (mid Sept – mid Dec) and spring (March – May). Weather remains sunny and warm during those times with amazing views of the mountains and breathtaking landscapes. However, nights are still a bit colder during these times of the year! If you’re a winter traveller then you may also want to trek during December to February, as the tenure also makes up a good timing for trekking.

However, If you are considering trekking to the Langtang region, than we recommend you to come during autumn and spring. If you need any help then please feel free to send us an email; we’ll try our best to suggest you the best trekking package keeping your health and budget in mind.

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