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Everest trek

Everest trek is famous around the world for Everest Base Camp EBC trek. Everest trek goes through the adventure villages in the Everest region which is popularly known as the Khumbu region.

Taking part in a trekking holiday allows you access to remote areas and villages, to the mountains and to a culture so different to our own, one that has changed little over the years and whose customs have been passed down through generations. Much has been documented about the traditional hospitality of the Nepalese people in general and the mountain people in particular. Trekkers can experience their friendliness at first hand and have the opportunity to see and try to understand a little of this culture so different to our own.

The trek is conducted at a reasonably relaxed pace along rough but well used trails taking into account the altitude, allowing ample time to photograph the magnificent scenery and observe the wildlife and to meet the people. Rest days are included to assist our acclimatisation as we climb higher into the mountains. A friendly and efficient service is offered by our Sherpa guides on the trail, most of whom speak English and all our treks will be personally led by ourselves or leaders, both Sherpa and British, specially chosen for their experience of trekking, people whom we personally know and trust.

We provide all the camping equipment on trek, this is all organised by our head Sherpa, or Sirdar, and the food is hygienically prepared by trained cooks. All our main equipment is carried by porters or pack animals, because of the altitude you will only be expected to carry a day sack with your immediate needs, plus of course your camera; your other equipment will be carried by porters and will be with you at the end of the day.

Guides and porters also accompany all of our Lodge Treks. With food and accommodation being provided by the lodges along the trail this allows us to offer very flexible services. For small numbers and groups, and for those who just prefer, this offers an alternative to camping.

By employing Sherpa people in this way we are helping their economy and also upholding traditions that have developed over many years to give you the freedom to enjoy your surroundings, the culture and the people.

Getting to the Everest Region

Since, we are only going to trek in the region; you will not have to go through any tedious special permits to enter the region unless you are also planning for climbing the peaks. However, a nominal entry fee is still payable to get access to the ‘Everest National Park, which is the most, visited part of the region. The National park also home to ‘legendary Sherpas’ was established mainly to protect the fragile environment of the Alpine region!

Whichever path you choose to get to the Everest, you can be rest assured to experience the amazingly beautiful scenic beauty. The region has interesting places to explore in every corner; to the east of the Everest National Park is the Makalu – Barun National park, a remote and wild stretch of snow-white mountain peaks and densely forested valleys. To the west if the Rolwaling valley, a well-protected sphere of culture and nature and towards the south of the region lies ‘Solu’, visited by very less tourists; still a rewarding destination in its own right.

If you want to trek to the east of the main ‘Everest trail’, you’ll have to get an extra permit to enter the other equally spectacular national park, ‘Makalu-Barun National Park’. We at Skyline trek and expedition have years of experience operating successful treks in the Everest region, so if need help planning or making it to the Everest region, you can simply send us an email with your queries and we will help you organize an unforgettable trek for you in the Everest region.

Gokyo Ri Renjola Pass Trek

Gokyo Chola Pass Trek

Gokyo Chola Pass Trek in Nepal Are you looking for an adrenaline rush? Then Gokyo Chola Pass Trek is what you have seeking out for! The trek is pretty long ranging from 18-21 days long, filled with challenges. However, once you make it through the challenge, the prize...

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classic everest trekking

Everest Classic Trek

Everest Classic Trek Overview Everest Classic trekking is so called because Sir Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay trekked through this route for their Everest expedition. So, before the mountain airstrip in Lukla was build, this was the only trekking route to the Everest base camp, ideally making...

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Gokyo Chola Pass and Everest Base Camp Trekking

Everest Base Camp Trek

Ever since Sir. Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay first ascended the Mount Everest in the 1950s' from the Nepalese part of the mountain; thousands of daring hearts have flocked to the region to explore the serene beauty of the region. Also, known a 'trek to EBC' Everest base camp trek is the most popular trekking routes of the Everest region....

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Short and easy trekking in the everest region

Everest Mini Trek

Everest Mini Trek Overview Almost everyone has ‘Everest’ on their bucket list, some wish to conquer the peak, while some just feel content with the sight of it!  Many have dubbed the journey to Everest as a ‘stairway to heaven’, filled with endless photo opportunities...

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Everest trekking season

When is the best time for trekking in the Everest region? Aside from the beautiful mountain scenery, travellers to this region can experience unique Sherpa culture by visiting monasteries, museums’ and local villages. The splendid mix of natural beauty, one of a kind culture coupled...

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everest rolwaling trek image

Everest Rolwaling Trek

Everest Rolwaling Trek Overview Ever heard of the ‘Yeti’ stories? This is where the ‘Yeti’ encounter took place. So, you already know Everest Rolwaling trek is filled with interesting stories about ‘Yeti’. Well, not only that, there’s plenty more you will be bestowed with during the trek. Rolwaling is...

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Everest 3 Pass Trekking

Everest 3 Pass Trekking Overview As the name of the trekking package itself suggests, ‘Everest 3 pass trek’ ensembles three exciting high passes i.e. Everest base camp, Cho La pass and Renjo La pass. Considered as one of world’s most spectacular treks, these exciting high passes range...

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Gokyo Ri Renjola Pass Trek

Everest Base Camp and Gokyo Chola Pass Trek

Everest Base Camp and Gokyo Overview Everest Base Camp through Gokyo Cho La Pass is one of its own kind trekking routes that’s known for the best views and unexpected adventures that whole of Everest region has to offer. It is our most frequented trek in the Everest...

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Mount Everest Panorama Trek in the Everest region

Everest Panorama Trek

Everest Panorama Trek Overview Everest panorama view trek is mainly designed for a certain group of people who either don’t have enough time to explore and for the ones who don’t have a sound health to reach up the altitude. This is a relatively short trekking package to Everest...

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Gokyo Ri Renjola Pass Trek

Gokyo Ri Renjola Pass Trek

Gokyo Ri Renjola Pass Trek Overview The trek to Gokyo Ri is better known for trekking to one of the highest settlements in the world. Better known as ‘Gokyo peak’ at 5357 meters, the peak lies at the west side of the Ngozumba glacier, the largest glacier of the...

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Tashilaptsa Pass Trekking

Tashilaptsa Pass Trek

Do you wish to stumble across Yeti? The legends of Yeti are connected with Rolwaling and Tashilaptsa pass trek, whether you will come across Yeti is unknown; but you will definitely love seeing places that connects to existence of Yeti. The trek to Tashi Lapta pass follows through the moderately steep dug...

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Mani Rimdu Festival Trekking

Mani Rimdu Festival Trek

Mani Rimdu Festival Trek, the most important festival of the Sherpa’s’, held during the tenth lunar month of the Tibetan calendar. It is a ten-day festival celebrated with nonstop prayers, followed with ritual dances by masked monks with public blessing offered by holiest lama Rinpoche that falls...

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Gokyo Ri Trekking

Gokyo Ri Trekking

gokyo ri trek route, the largest glacier of the Himalayas peak at 5357 meters is located on the west side of the Ngozumpa glacier. Gokyo at the base of Gokyo Ri, is a small hamlet of a few stone houses and one of the highest settlements in the world. This fairly popular...

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Everest Hiking in Nepal

Everest View Trek

Everest view trek Overview Everest view trek every year thousands of people flock to the Everest region for enjoy it’s beauty, some make most of it by conquering at its peak, while a lot make it to the Everest base camp. However, there’s a large...

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Short and easy trekking in the Everest Region

Almost everyone has the trek to the ‘Everest Region’ in their bucket list, however not everyone can fulfill their dreams due to the shorter vacations or the unhealthy conditions. Specially keeping those groups of people in consideration, we at Skyline Treks and Expedition have designed...

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