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Tamang heritage trekking where spell knows no span


Tamang heritage trekking where spell knows no span – Hold back, catch your breath and trek away from the modern world into a world where regular step of life is unrivaled and unique.

Naturally, you can rest assured that the true Nepal can only be accustomed by reaching out several villages of Nepal. Travelers waiting on to experience the purity of Nepal should explore its outmoded villages that give the glance of primeval culture and traditions in same manner till today. In view of Tamang heritage trekking trail we have the story of a village called Tamang (one kind of tribe) which comes on the way to Langtang valley trek in Langtang region.

Tamang heritage trekking in Nepal you have to lead from Kathmandu to Syabrubensi with 6-7 hours of journey through vehicle and by evening you will hold out at Syabrubensi, which is the base camp of this trek. Bounded by Ganesh Himal and Langtang range, Tamang heritage trek Nepal offer pure township based trekking package with regard to a culture loaded trail inhabited by Tamang people and are around the corner to the Tibetan culture that takes you through the border of Tibet. Tamang heritage trail trekking is a trek that is saturate of charming scenery, irresistible snowy peaks and age-old village which string out densely.

Tamang heritage trek to the calm community is more well-liked for sensing of the wandering daily chores to its pleasant heaven on earth. In many ways the fascinating Tamang heritage & langtang valley trek welcome the trekkers to take by surprise of their trekking getaway with open arms. Natural hot spring, soaring snow clad peak, hill station as viewpoint, overgrown rhododendron forests, endangered red panda and bear during trailing make the scene grandiose.

Tamang heritage trek Langtang is a ruler of beautiful things and also a great chance for trekkers to sense the heritage and be very happy about the local magnificent home, monastery, and tactful draft of the Tamang villages. Apart from, the most perennial experience of the Tamang heritage trail trekking is home stay sojourn where you can share your trek experience and have guests with great warmth from the local family.

The people there still dress up in a certain way and their costume evidently represents their culture and traditions. You can spend a lot of time with the kids of the village that feels pleasing to see the smiles on their faces when they see you. During your 8 days Tamang heritage trek you can see every house has cows, goats and sheep. You can see terrace field of potato, barley, cabbage and wheat, which is the villager’s source of food and income.

With such narrow resources the village makes the most of it and teaches trekkers to be satisfied with what you have in life. This trek suggests that the more choices and opportunities we have the more discontented we are. The simple life of the villagers, working their fields and caring their family definitely gives the feelings of many advantages, what’s more fresh air to inhale. You can thoroughly experience the chemistry and the bond that is evident.

So if you think to trek such untouched village in Nepal, the villagers will be more than happy to tend you as their treasured guests.

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