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The country is renown as the nation of heaven due to its hypnotism beauty and the prefer of infinite guests before several years.The natural Venus of the country put forwards a vivid involvement for so many of our respected guests.Over and above the nation have establish a excellent nexus with the border and neighbor country India and China.

The nation was effected to a large expanse by the resemble event and it has interpret the evidence of the chronicle turning point with China and India .Central region of the great Himalayas is the position place of nation.

Nepal is enrich of its topography and is well known all over the world because of the eight highest apex with it. Comprising the highest elevation of mountains over the world named as Sagarmatha in Nepali language and Mt:Everest in international.It accommodate more than 240 crowns over 20000 ft(6096 meter) above the level of sea.

Allover the country is enrich in magnificent and splendid phenomena of distinctive jewel with the ethnic peoples culture and tradition .Nepal has specialize religions i:e,Hindu,Buddhist,christian and Islam etc.It has the population of 25 millions with various custom, religion and traditional.Hence, Skyline Treks & Expedition put purpose towards their guests to seek the topography of the country and experience its mesmerizing beauty.

We have a great hope that you will come in touch with us and once issue an opportunity to acquaint our nation in the presence of you. .

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